Rental Property Cleaning

Many real estate owners find that their tenants may not always leave the property in a clean condition, ready for new tennants to come in.  Yet, to keep the cash flow coming in, the property needs to be rented out quickly.  Queen of Clean is happy to assist you with this cleaning and have the place sparkling clean for your new tennants to enjoy.

Rental property cleaning services include the following :

Clean inside/outside of all kitchen cupboards, fridge, stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.  Clean all counter tops, as well as sweep and mop the floors.  Window leadges will also be wiped.


Scrub and disinfect the bathroom floors, toilet, tub and shower, tiles, sink, counters and mirrors.


Vacuum and/ or  mop florring, vacuum carpet edges,clean mirrors and window ledges, clean inside closets, cupboards, and wardrobes.

Living Rooms & Hallways:

Vacuum and/or mop the floors, vacuum carpet edges, clean mirrors, wash window sills and window frames.

Rates for the rental properties depend on the size of the property and it's condition.

Please contact us to arrange an estimate for your needs.

Call Queen of Clean at 902-940-7160  or email

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