You'll love coming home to a healthy home!

Queen of Clean is pleased to offer a unique cleaning experience.  Not only are we concerned with the appearance and cleanliness or your home or office, we're also interested in your personal health and well-being.  Thats why when we come to your home or office, we leave behind not a trail of chemicals and polluted indoor air, we leave behind a sparkling clean area and the scent of pure and natural essential oils that refresh your spirit and enhance your home. 

We use AROMA CLEAN products, our exclusive line of all natural, chemical free, pure aromatherapy infused cleaning products.  They are very  effective in cleaning and are totally safe for you, your kids, your pets, and the environment.   We use only 100% pure essential oils, not just aromatherapy "fragrances" which contain only extracts from plants and lack the healthful benefits of pure essential oils.

There is no additional charge for our all natural aromatherapy cleaning products! 

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